Goldcrest House

Supporting Independence

Life at Goldcrest House

The larger of our two homes Goldcrest House is a busy bustling home that’s just full of life. No two days are ever the same due to the person-centred focus that promotes independence of choice and personal development.

Day to day routines are very much like most domestic homes where laundry, cleaning and tidying personal spaces plays a part in personal development as well as learning to engage in positive relationships where mutual respect and trust prevails in the home setting.

Through person centred planning we focus on personal development where some will progress to a point where they are assessed as being significantly independent. Such individuals will then meet the criteria for being able to move on from Goldcrest House into a more suitable setting, following our pathway to our smaller location Holland House.

Residential care

Safe and supportive care in a family orientated home-from-home environment for all to enjoy.

Promotion of independence

Enabling person centred care and maximising choice to enable confidence in independence wherever possible.

Social skills & integration

Access to a wide range of social activities and experiences tailored to individual specific needs. 

Respite care

Short-term care in a safe and supportive family orientated home-from-home environment for all to enjoy.

Life skills

Access to a wide range of recreational and educational activities tailored to individual specific abilities and needs.

Holistic services

Working closely with service users, their friends and family, to truly understand aspirations and dreams.