Amidst the vibrant lights and the cacophony of sounds at the annual Hull Fair, a group of adults with autism from Goldcrest and Holland House were treated to a day’s outing aimed at embracing new sensory experiences.

This special day at one of Europe’s largest travelling funfairs was not just about the thrill of the rides and the allure of games; it helped those with autism explore and engage with an array of stimuli in a supportive environment.

With the full support of the care team everyone had their opportunity to engage with which ever ride or game they wanted, for some, the highlight of the experience was the unexpected pleasure of spending time with their local heroes — the amazing Police Officers on patrol.

“The outing was not just a day of fun, but also an important social integration exercise” said Trish Patrickson, Manager at Genhawk’s Goldcrest House. “Events like these promote understanding, acceptance, and inclusivity. They provide opportunities for individuals with autism to engage with their community in ways that might typically be challenging for them,” she explained.