Goldcrest House is delighted to mark the one-year anniversary of Rose making our community her home.

Since her arrival, Rose has embraced everything we offer with an enthusiasm and thirst for discovery that has been truly inspiring. Her presence has not only brightened our days but has also left a lasting impact on her family and friends, who have noticed a remarkable transformation in her happiness and overall well-being.

Rose’s family and friends have shared their heartfelt comments, celebrating this special milestone and expressing their gratitude for the care and support she has received at Goldcrest House.

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Well done, Rose and all those that look after her. A big thank you. You’re all stars. I hope Rose has brought some laughs and smiles to Goldcrest as much as she has found them there,” remarked a close family member, highlighting the joy and positivity Rose has brought to our community.

Another family member added, “What a wonderful year she’s had as well,” reflecting on the many achievements and happy moments Rose has experienced over the past twelve months.

“Lovely to see her so settled in her new home,” commented a friend, underscoring the positive change in Rose’s life since she joined Goldcrest House.

Rose’s journey over the past year has been filled with exploration and learning, from participating in various activities and events to forming new friendships within the community. Her enthusiasm has been contagious, inspiring both residents and staff alike.

“We’ve enjoyed this past 12 months with Rose, and we can’t wait for the next. Plenty more fun times to come, Rose,” said Trish Patrickson Manager at Genhawk Limited, looking forward to many more joyful experiences in the future.

At Goldcrest House, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing and engaging environment for all. Rose’s story is a testament to the positive impact a supportive community can have on an individual’s life. As we celebrate this milestone, we are reminded of the importance of fostering a sense of belonging and happiness for everyone who calls Goldcrest House their home.

Here’s to another year of laughter, learning, and cherished memories with Rose and all our wonderful residents.