Genhawk Ltd is redefining what it means to live a life filled with joy, adventure, and community engagement with its action-packed person-centred focused outings for autism adults.

Inclusivity is the main focus across the company’s home Goldcrest and Holland House, where no request dismissed, and everything considered in the hope of widening horizons, improving education and life experiences.

Recently the homes’ benefitted from a thrilling adventure at Hull’s Lost City playing crazy golf. The vibrant, themed setting was more than just an exciting backdrop; it was the setting of healthy competition and camaraderie among friends.

A recent visit back in time to Howden Park took a historical turn when visiting the majestic ruins of Howden Minster. Learning more about the past of Howden and the Minster whilst exploring the historic grounds ignited imaginations and the opportunity for reflection and connection with nature.

A trip to The Deep in Hull offered an enchanting escape into the underwater world. The awe-inspiring visit had everyone face to face with sharks and sting rays, each encounter was a reminder of the wonders that lie beneath the waves. The experience was not just about observing; it was about discovering, learning, and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

A winter visit to the seaside brought back the timeless charm of traditional seaside activities. Indulging in the delights of the amusement arcades, and enjoying the tranquil sea breeze, such simple pleasures that make life beautiful, creating memories that will be cherished forever.

And staying closer to home, the local petting farm provided the opportunity to interact with friendly animals igniting curiosity in everyone, highlighting the therapeutic power of human-animal connections. And just a stone’s throw away from where Goldcrest and Holland House, the community park serves as a vibrant playground where football, games and apparatus adventures foster teamwork, physical well-being, and sheer fun.

Through these diverse experiences, the adults supported by Genhawk Ltd have explored their local community and beyond. Each outing is more than just a day out; it’s an affirmation of the strength and beauty of diversity, the importance of inclusive opportunities, and the profound impact of supportive communities.

As we share these stories, we are reminded of the fundamental human desire for connection, adventure, and the pursuit of happiness.