Goldcrest House has announced an exciting new initiative aimed at recognising the exceptional contributions of its team members.

This initiative, designed to highlight the dedication and hard work of staff, will feature a monthly “Employee of the Month” award, celebrating those who go above and beyond in their roles.

The first recipient of this prestigious accolade is Amy Rockett, who has been named the June Employee of the Month. Amy’s persistent positive attitude and her exceptional support in helping a service user engage positively with their family have been particularly noteworthy.

“Amy’s commitment to her work and her unwavering positive outlook have made a significant impact on the people she supports,” said Trish Patrickson, Manager at Goldcrest House. “Her efforts in facilitating a positive family interaction for one of our service users was truly commendable.”

Amy Rockett’s recognition is a testament to the high standards and compassionate care provided at Goldcrest House. By acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of its team members, Goldcrest House aims to foster a culture of appreciation and motivation within the organisation.

Goldcrest House looks forward to continuing this initiative and celebrating more of its outstanding team members in the months to come. By shining a spotlight on the exceptional contributions of its staff, Goldcrest House reaffirms its commitment to delivering the highest quality of care to those it supports.