The historic Howden Minster was filled with colour as it hosted the much-anticipated Art 4 All exhibition, showcasing a diverse range of artwork from the local community, including an impressive collection from Goldcrest House.

Visitors were treated to an array of artworks submitted by various community groups, schools, charities, and individuals. Among the standout contributions were the works created our own very talented contributions from Goldcrest House.

Trish Patrickson, Manager at Goldcrest House said: “Events like this highlight how important it is to include everyone in the community, irrespective of their background or abilities. There has been a huge sense of pride in contributing, especially in the knowledge that other people, complete strangers were able to see the art work and appreciate it.”

Stephen said: “it  was a lovely day and was lovely to see our work on show and other people looking at it”  Thomas said:  “I enjoyed all the pictures and the cake was very good” and Molly, who help create the artwork said that she heard people saying how good it was saying: “it was a bit of a pat on the back”. 

Visitors not only got to enjoy the art but were also treated to delicious tea and cakes, making for a delightful day out. The atmosphere was one of joy and appreciation, as the community came together to support and celebrate each other’s creativity.

The Art 4 All exhibition is a non-profit initiative, aiming to foster a sense of unity and showcase the therapeutic benefits of art. It is particularly significant for participants like those from Goldcrest House, where art plays a crucial role in therapy and self-expression.

“We are so proud of the beautiful artwork we created participation in events like this is vital as it helps to break down barriers and promotes a more inclusive society where autism is recognised and understood.” Says Trish.

The event underscores the importance of community and the powerful impact of creative expression in enriching lives. As the community looks forward to more such events, the success of this year’s exhibition has certainly set a high standard for creativity and inclusivity, and encourage budding artists at Goldcrest House to continue to create outstanding works of art.Top of Form