A beacon of hope, empowerment, and resilience, Holland House continues to redefine adult autism care and support through cultivating its own orchard and vegetable patch.

Embracing a model where residents not only live but thrive, Holland House’s revolutionary approach to care and support has led to the development of an integrated and comprehensive programme for growing and tending to their own fruits and vegetables.

The programme is not just about a self-sustaining lifestyle; it’s also about bolstering independence, skill-building, and a healthy diet.

Trish Patrickson, Manager at Goldcrest House says: “By turning our green spaces into fertile grounds for various fruits and vegetables, those we care for, and support can actively take part in cultivating, harvesting, and preparing their meals. This not only provides a tangible sense of accomplishment, but also fosters a connection to the earth and its cycles, enhancing physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.”

The process of sowing seeds, watering plants, and watching them grow provides an opportunity to engage in a meaningful, practical learning experience. The fruits and vegetables harvested make their way straight to the plate providing a newfound appreciation for fresh food.

“What Holland House is doing is not just cultivating plants, but nurturing growth in individuals, instilling a sense of responsibility and purpose, and most importantly, demonstrating that with the right care and opportunities, adults with autism can lead productive, fulfilling, and independent lives.