In a bid to enhance their confidence and advocacy skills, Pam and Dawn have recently enrolled in the “Take the Lead – Level 1” online training course. This initiative marks a significant step towards empowering individuals with learning disabilities and autism to assert themselves and advocate for their rights effectively.

Take the Lead is a specialised training programme designed specifically for individuals with learning disabilities and autistic individuals. The primary focus of the course is to nurture self-confidence and equip participants with the necessary skills to articulate their needs and advocate for themselves and others within their communities.

Reacting to taking part in the course Pam had this to say about what she likes about studying: “The positive attitude and getting to chat to other people” Dawn was equally positive with this response: “my homework, talking to Rebecca and Dawn”

The course, spanning over seven weeks, encompasses a range of topics crucial for personal development and empowerment. These include self-esteem building, confidence enhancement, effective communication and speaking up, understanding values and human rights, cultivating leadership qualities, and the invaluable insights shared by a guest speaker with lived experience.

Pam and Dawn, eager learners committed to their personal growth, are pictured diligently working on their course materials at Holland House. Engrossed in their homework, they exemplify the dedication and enthusiasm that underpins their journey towards self-empowerment.

In a statement regarding their enrolment in the “Take the Lead” course, Pam and Dawn expressed their excitement about the opportunity to develop new skills and enhance their confidence levels. They emphasised the importance of learning to speak up for themselves and others, underscoring their determination to make a positive impact within their community.

Pam and Dawn serve as inspiring examples, demonstrating that with dedication and the right resources, individuals with learning disabilities and autism can unlock their full potential and thrive.